About Me

I love romance. I’ve been reading it for 5 years now, and it has led me to discover a whole world of books, readers, and authors that constantly inspire me and amaze me with their commitment to supporting stories that put women and minorities at the forefront. I am now a passionate reviewer of romance and women’s fiction, as well as sci-fi and the occasional YA fantasy.

When I’m not devouring romance novels by the dozen, I’m cooking up a storm in my tiny kitchen in Dublin, Ireland. I love experimenting with new vegan recipes, and my absolute obsession with cookbooks (my Kindle has at least 30 cookbooks on there!) has led me to review a few here and there to ensure that my fellow plant-based eaters know which books are the best to cook from.

I love talking to people about romance and cooking, so find me on Twitter and Instagram so we can connect!